10 Really Great Homemade Mother’s Day Presents

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Have you ever given socks, anti wrinkle cream, Easter candy, toilet essentials, lingerie, vacuums, or Cuban cigars for mother’s day? According to surveys, you’ve just given her one of the worst mother’s day gifts. While socks will always make a terrible gift regardless of how much love you put (or so I’ve learned), there are gifts that a majority of mother’s agree on. In fact, that’s how started our list of 10 really great mother’s day presents.

So how did we create this list? Well, we started by finding surveys about mothers as well as scouring the internet for popular ideas. Next we had our editors sit down and decide which among them was the most popular, most affordable, and didn’t require any advanced skills. At the end of the day, we came down to 10 homemade gift ideas along with some valuable sites and instructions to accompany them.

In the next article, we’ll be looking at what to buy for mother’s day.

The following is a list of the 10 best homemade mother’s day gifts. Each item on the list is linked to a website which has instructions and details for making them.

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Herbal Bath and Shower Bag

We suggest making a shower bag (at the bottom of the article) as well as making the following herbal bath teas: Lavender Oatmeal/Oatmeal Milk, Lavender Chamomile Soak, Herbal Splendor, and Soother Soak.

Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquet gift can be expensive depending on what types of flowers you buy. If money is a problem, consider finding a location with great wild flowers. This gift also has variations. We found some other creative ideas, which involved making flower out of wood and paper and then placing cute images on the head of the flower. Click here to see a great example.


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While we did not include a recipe, we thought you could help us help you by going on line and searching for some of your mother’s favorite flavors. Our editors wanted to show you a video about professionally designing your cupcake to have flowers on it. We enjoyed watching this and then attempting to make cupcakes with nice flower patterns on top. We do say that the lady makes it seem too easy.

Bath Soaks

Here you will find a bunch of different types of bath soaks you can make. Among our tests, we found the most pleasant included: Cinnamon, Herbal, Almond Honey, and Lavender to both feel and smell the best. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to give your mother an assortment of these because they are pretty easy to make.

Candy Gift Box

The link shows you how to make chocolate candy peanut butter balls. You can also make a variety of different chocolate treats, and there are tons of recipes online. A simple Google search will land you chocolates galore, but if you’re too lazy to make them, consider buying your mother’s favorite candies and putting them in a beautiful box. Of course, you don’t have to make the box, but there are plenty of instructions online of all kinds of boxes.

Personalized Photo Album


This present probably doesn’t need much explanation. With anything, the sky’s the limit, so you can put your creativity to test. The video is a cheap solution for those who can’t afford the album. There are other valuable websites online, but making an album requires lots of work. We suggest buying and album and adding your own unique and creative touches inside the album, such as custom tags next to images or adding small pictures you’ve drawn to accompany the photos.

Scented Candles

Making candles can be easy if you find kits online, but when  you start to make scented candles, you’re in a new ball game. When you make scented candles or custom candles, there are tons of different materials you can use. What we found most frustrating when making candles was trying to find out how to transform our natural materials into scents. If you can find instructions online, we suggest using natural materials, but if all else fails, you can use fragrance oils for whatever scent you like.

Nourishing Sugar Scrub

Originally, we did not believe the use of this product. Most beauty products, especially lotions you buy from the store, come with a range of different ingredients as well as chemicals to improve your skin. But when comparing this sugar scrub to those lotions, we found the effects of the sugar scrub were pretty great. While it probably does not aid as much as medicated lotions, we think the sugar scrub did an excellent job at improving dry skin. In fact, we will probably be making this one for our families.

Love Jar

Among the list, the love jar is both the easiest and most affordable gift to make. To make this an even more special mother’s day, this gift works well along with one of the other gifts in this article, just like a sweet mother’s day card.

Bubble Bath in a Jar

Last but not least, bubbles! The link provides some examples of how to make different scents for bubble baths. What sells your homemade bubble bath will be how special and unique the jar holding the bubble bath solution will be. We’re so serious about this statement that we’ve included a really nice example of a classy bubble bath jar made from frosted glass. This example isn’t for mother’s day, but you can always make up your own label.

If you liked our homemade mother’s day gifts, you’ll like our next article on mother’s day items you can buy.

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